Terms and Conditions

GENERAL ASPECTS The service includes the delivery of merchandise, in accordance with the agreed service and deadlines, at the selected terminal within the National Network of Automatic Parcel Terminals of ALOLOMER SL (hereinafter, “PUDO”). Anything not budgeted is subject to the current general rate of PUDO. These prices do not include I.V.A. The general conditions of the service are detailed in the PUDO Service Guide.

DAYS AND HOURS OF SERVICE PROVISION PUDO’s Automatic Parcel Terminals offer a twenty-four (24) hour delivery service, seven (7) days a week. This schedule may be altered depending on the accessibility and/or opening of the premises where the PUDO terminal is located, leaving the provision of the delivery service subject to it.

TEMPORARY CUSTODY OF PACKAGES. By contracting this service, the user authorizes Pudo.es to the temporary custody of those packages that they request to be sent through the service offered on the Pudo24.com website.

MONITORING OF THE MERCHANDISE The monitoring of the merchandise will be carried out through the tools that the PUDO Network will provide for this purpose.

SERVICE QUALITY GUARANTEE PUDO undertakes to carry out the deliveries of the National Service at the times established in the definitions of each service contemplated in the Service Guide. In any case, PUDO will only be responsible up to a maximum of the transport price in cases where there is a delay in the delivery of the goods, when this responsibility is attributable to the carrier (Art. 57 Law 15/2009).
The contractual terms for delivery are understood without prejudice to delays caused by force majeure or fortuitous event. PUDO will not be responsible when the delivery of a merchandise is impossible due to an incomplete or erroneous address or reasons of the recipient’s ignorance, failure to pay the amount due, failure to collect it by the recipient within the stipulated period, lack of adaptation to the control of contracted measures and weight, delivery of a product included in the list of prohibited goods, etc. Deliveries of packages that need to be subjected to customs controls may suffer alterations and delays that will affect transit times.

DELIVERY AND COLLECTION SYSTEM The user requesting a collection service will be assigned a Code that they will need to enter in the device to withdraw the merchandise from the selected Automatic Parcel Terminal, within the contracted period. PUDO makes a complete delivery system available to its customers that can be consulted on its website (www.pudo24.com).

TAXES, EXPENSES AND SUPPLIES The rates agreed in the contract may vary due to the increase in fuel prices, or others that directly affect the service, which will be reflected in the billing.

EXCLUDED MERCHANDISE The delivery of packages or objects whose content is contrary to the Law is prohibited, the client incurring the corresponding responsibilities, and PUDO being totally exempt from them for this reason. The transport of weapons, poisonous or infectious substances, cash, human remains, jewelry, toxic materials, animals and flammable or dangerous materials, etc. is prohibited.

LIABILITY IN TRANSPORTATION The merchandise will travel insured in accordance with current regulations, and will be transported at the risk and peril of the recipient. All damages and impairments experienced by the goods from the arrival at the warehouses that MAY be designated for this purpose, due to fortuitous event, force majeure or nature and inherent vice of things, will be your responsibility and risk. PUDO will be liable in case of negligence. PUDO will not be responsible in case of loss, damage, delay or incorrect delivery or total or partial non-delivery of the merchandise that is a consequence of circumstances beyond the control of the carrier: natural catastrophes, force majeure, strikes, national alterations in air, land or sea transport networks. The general liability set by the carrier, for damages, losses or breakdowns suffered by them, will be limited to a maximum of one third of the IPREM/day for each kilogram, as established by Law 15/2009.
In turn, we have three additional types of insurance: “All Risk Insurance” whose rate is a % of the value of the merchandise, with a minimum of €1.50. “Total Insurance up to €1,500 per issue, and will pay the credited amount in case of loss, the premium is a % of the amount, with a minimum of €0.80. For more information, consult your office.

CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES. LOST PROFITS PUDO will not be liable for consequential or extraordinary damages, nor for lost profits, including loss of income, profits or markets, loss of image, damages caused by the impossibility of using the

contained in the packages, nor for loss of business opportunity or any other indirect loss arising from the loss, damage, delay, misdelivery or non-delivery of the package.

INSURANCE CONDITIONS The insurance will apply exclusively to merchandise. Documentation issuances are insurable for the value of printing and not for the value of creation or realization. The compensation of the merchandise will be only for the value of the replacement and not for the sale value. Compensation for used merchandise, in case of total loss, will suffer the depreciation corresponding to its current value, and in the case of partial breakage of the merchandise, the provisions of the damage appraisal will be indicated.

INSURED VALUE OF SHIPMENTS AGAINST REIMBURSEMENTS The shipments against reimbursements will be considered insured value, and the corresponding compensation in case of loss is the amount of the reimbursement.

CLAIM PERIOD For a correct management in the processing of insurance, the claim for any damage detected in the merchandise object of the delivery, must be made, on the visible ones, at the moment of collecting the package through the service collection of incidents of the PUDO Platform of the Terminal, or, if they are not visible, by phone or email (900 22 66 22 / hola@pudo24.com) within a maximum period of seven (7) days, to count from the time agreed for delivery.

VERIFICATION OF THE NATURE PUDO reserves the right to verify the nature and content of the packages that have been entrusted to it, including the use of X-rays, as well as to refuse transport or interrupt any delivery process already started if a content appears that violate the provisions in force. Deliveries whose destination is a post office box are not accepted. Likewise, PUDO reserves the right to photograph the packages that are received in its warehouses or deposited in its lockers in order to demonstrate their status in the event of hypothetical future claims; as well as making recordings of their terminals and operations in order to guarantee the correct provision of the service, its security and correct use.

DATA PROTECTION In compliance with Organic Law 15/1999, on the protection of personal data, we inform you that the data generated by the provision of the service by PUDO to its clients will be incorporated into the company’s database, for the correct management of the delivery and subsequent information on promotions carried out. You can exercise the rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition of the same, through the email juridico@pudo24.com