Frequently Asked Questions

pudo is an agnostic network of smart lockers that optimizes the collection and returns of online purchases for the courier, express and parcel providers.

You can see our network on the Map of Pudos.

The maximum weight is 20 kilos. Regarding the size, it depends on the installed locker model, but as a general rule, packages of up to 37cm x 69cm x 55cm can be entered.

The transport company that manages your package will send you a message and/or an email with the collection code.

Check with the Carrier of your package for the maximum stay time at the locker.

To know the status of your shipment or return, you must check directly with the logistics company.

If your package is larger than the compartment you have been assigned, you can change your locker size by following the instructions on the screen. Always with the maximum size of 37cm x 69cm x 55cm.

Yes, using one of our smart lockers is completely safe since it has a secure system of anti-vandal locks and unique and patented package detection systems, which guarantee the presence or absence of the package, triggering the alarm in case of unscheduled package absence.

A series of articles cannot be delivered in our PUDOs, both due to restrictions of the law itself and due to internal company policy. They are the following:

  • Any merchandise considered ADR or marked with ADR, regardless of its actual content, such as aerosols, sprays, lighters, paints, batteries, varnishes, etc. Also, those considered LQ (unlimited quantities).
  • Biological samples / human remains.
  • Perishable food.
  • Animals, alive or dead.
  • Weapons/air guns/pistols/rifles/replica weapons/ammunition.
  • Medications (including prescription).
  • Items prohibited or restricted by ICAO – International Civil Aviation Organization.

If you need help delivering your package for any of the following reasons, you have to contact the carrier of your order directly.

  • You have not received your PIN.
  • Your PIN has expired.
  • Your code doesn’t work.
  • The box office informs you that the package does not exist.

Contact us through our email,, if you have any of the following mechanical problems:

  • Door not open error.
  • The locker is turned off.

pudo network

Take advantage of the traffic generated by the pudo network in the collection and return of packages to increase traffic and sales in your business.

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If you have a space that is 1m wide, 2 meters high and 60cm deep, contact us through our form or at